04 January 2006

hark! knit knit knitty knit appears!

Here's another knitting blog!!!! I love knitting blogs and sometimes I can't stop reading them. I'm afraid, however, that no one will ever read my blog and I'll just end up feeling like a blogging loser. But hey, that's the chance one takes when one gives oneself up to the incredible world of online fun.

I'm a knitter who's recently moved to Philadelphia, PA from Athens, GA. Is that too much information right off the bat? It's hard to know where to draw the line once the mind has warmed up to the idea of becoming slightly exhibitionist. I feel like I should jump right into the getting to know me thing, but then again, maybe I should take it more slowly.

Now, because I'm feeling giddy as I create my very first entry and I want to give you a photo (I love photo-rich knitting blogs), but don't have any knitting pictures on hand, I submit:

It's not knit, but it is wool and I did handcraft it. It's a computer bag made from an old coat. I kept the original buttons and button-holes because I'm lazy. It's conservative on the outside, but it's libertine on the inside. It's double layered and protects very well. I travel with my laptop inside an old backpack, tucked in amongst books & sundries. If you are a sewer, please find an old coat and do this. It's so much cheaper (and more satisfying) than buying a computer sleeve!


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