21 January 2006

Luge, baby!

Aaww yeeeaaah. I'm joining the Fair Isle Knit Team for the upcoming Olympic games...Have I knitted fair isle before? Only kinda. Am I scared? Yes. But, I'm excited! I can't believe that I was just going to knit socks and finish stuff up when I could be knitting on the edge of sanity instead. I've prepared Johnke—not that he has a clue. He looked at the pattern I've decided on (Teva Durham's Bias Fair Isle Pullover) and said, "Do you have to count? Or do you just do it? Hey, there are a lot of colors." I said, "Sweetie, I won't be talking to you for a while, you know." What I didn't say was, "At some point during the 'games' I'll probably lunge for your throat if you insist upon talking to me." I think that this sweater choice is like me entering the luge competition.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Not Jenny said...

Oooooo, pretty!!

For the Olympics I am doing a Chaos sweater for my baby and you are making me look like a big ole lazy slacker!!

By the way...Hi! I am Jen I am delurking to say I really like your blog.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger jorth said...

Cool project! Best of luck with the games!

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Angela M said...

Wow! I want to do fair isle too, but chose Glampyre's bulky cabled sweater instead. BTW, just saw your post on my blog and thought I'd say hi...
knittyknitknit! :)


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