19 January 2006

I'm being realistic.

This was my attempt at self-photography. I would have used the self-timer function, if I could have figured out how. Anyways, what I'm attempting to illustrate here (unsuccessfully) is that while I'm not massive, I'm not miniscule. Why? Because I'm thinking that although I love it, the Lace Leaf Pullover might not be what my body is asking to wear. The gauge is: "10 sts and 14 rows = 4" (10 cm) in St st." It's CHUNKY ! Oh, but it's so alluring on that model. Look at her, though. She's little. I don't have that body. I'm thinking that I may make a Lace Leaf Pullover derivative sweater by using skinnier yarn and copying the shape, incorporating leaves and perhaps skipping the YO pattern on the right sleeve... Any opinions on that plan?

Here are my main reservations about the "derived sweater" plan: What I love about the sweater is its overall gestalt. I think that it's likely the chunkiness that makes the sweater. Specifically, I like the ribbing at the end of the sleeves, at the neck, and at the edge of the body. Doesn't the ribbing look this good because of its chunkiness? Oy, what's a girl to do?

Maybe I should go ahead and make the sweater without any changes and when I wear it, I'll be all, "Hey, I'm chunky today, dammit. It feels good."


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