05 January 2006

ramble ramble

Turns out that I somehow slightly felted that pink roving. Boo. HOW? I didn't agitate and I don't think that I heated too quickly. I definitely allowed it to cool all by itself, just staying on the stove. Did I do something bad when I rinsed it? Can one make felt by crowding too much fiber into the pot? I put like 4oz into the pot, which may have been 2oz too many...Oh well, it's still spinnable — hey, I spun one lb of beast. If you know the beast, then you know that it can have some downright felt-like qualities.

Here is the sock that I got halfway through, then decided to frog (because it wasn't worth knitting) and then compulsively began again (one year later). It's Brown Sheep Wildefoote, in the Columbine color. It's pretty, but so not luxurious. I don't know if it's the nylon content, the way it was spun (too worsted, i.e. no fuzz at all), or what, but it feels chintzy. It feels the opposite of ahhhhh. It feels, huuuh?

I'm not a hoarder of yarn and I love to finish projects, so I'm conflicted about this...do I keep it, do I give it up? Foist it on someone else? Hmmm, that last option sounds good. If this blog had a readership, I would definitely put it up for adoption. I've got another skein besides the one pictured and they both go to the best 500 character essay.

Here's a photo of my absolute favorite sock yarn. It's pink, brown, tan, and orange Trekking XXL yarn from Skacel. Get it now! One ball makes two perfectly perfecto socks and I even had yarn left over. I'm not exactly positive that the link I just created is for the exact same colorway. It looks similar on my computer monitor, but it doesn't mention orange and it does say 'black,' which doesn't make an appearance on my socks. Why did I lose the ball wrapper thing??


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