01 October 2007

tweedy, wool, and very particular

These are the wombats my mother makes. They're acrylic and fantasically colored. She has made >50 of these creatures (very likely close to 100). For some reason, middle aged Chinese ladies LOVE them.

This is the original, Australian wombat (named, THE - pronounced thee). He's tweedy brown, wool, and very particular. In this picture you can see his butt. The is the inspiration for the wombats my mom makes. My new goal is to finish knitting a wombat of my own. I started it as a gift ages ago and it's time to finish the little bugger.

Look at this booty that my friend brought back from Japan for me!!!! My favorite item is the bento box. I've always wanted one, but could never find one. She's the best. What makes this gift even better is that it was completely unexpected.

Knitting Update: I've nearly completed We Call Them Pirates. There's only the lining left to knit. I've also finished the last pair of socks that I will knit for quite a while (that felt good!). I'm ready to cast on the Bubbly Curtain from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I've decided to knit it in a PINK mercerized cotton (see cruddy pic below). The curtain will eventually hang in a bright yellow room (I think of it as school bus yellow).

It feels good to be a knitter again.


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