02 November 2007


I know I said I wasn't going to post pictures until I finished the entire blocking process, but I am. Following are some unblocked, unprofessional, un-pretty photos of my hemlock ring blanket.

it doesn't look so bad after all

UNdisciplined edging—compare to b-tweed photo from yesterday's post

The photograph above is indeed overexposed, but it also illustrates a key blunder I made during the construction of this blanket. I bought two colors of wool that looked fairly different on the website (earmarked for two different projects). In reality, the two colors are quite similar. When I ran out of the first ball of yarn, I was sleepy, and it was nighttime, and maybe the light in my bedroom wasn't adequate. Anyways, I grabbed what I believed to be a new skein of wool identical to the color in which I was knitting the blanket. To my horror, I realized DAYS and ROWS later that I was using the WRONG color. So, in the photo, right where it looks like the flash over-illuminated the front part of the blanket, you can see the color change. I admit that the colors are close and that, in person, no one has noticed until I told them, but it REALLY bothers me.

My plan is to wake up full of energy tomorrow morning and to immediately commence blocking. I'm guessing that brooklyntweed used the wet-block method. I'll do the same. I just hope that I have enough patience and pins to get the edging to behave!


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