11 October 2007

see the crappy picture

nearly 15"x15"

It's more like a stretchy 14"x14" even after I carefully made a gauge swatch, ripped out the massive, nearly finished square and re-knitted it. I made a few mistakes with the chart (most noticeably the fact that I have an uneven number of stitches on either side of the patterned part...duh!). I'm really hoping that this blend will take to blocking. The piece is in need of general grooming that will hopefully even everything out and stretch it to 15"x15" at the same time (maybe?).

Time to buy some big dpns for my Hemlock Ring blanket! And of course, bubbly curtain continues...



At 10:48 AM, Anonymous karen said...

That looks great! I think I'll follow suit and do a border as well...

At 1:40 AM, Blogger DrLaura said...

i'm laura, blog "mom" for the crystal palace blog socks. Would love
to link to your blog and post your sweet baby blanket picture.


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