11 January 2006

Yucky sinus yuckiness, blech.

I hate being sick! Yesterday I could barely open my eyes because everything hurt. Today I sucked it up and took drugs.

A Zab pincushion with shiny pins

Awesome Zab cards adorned with her most excellent photos, which I think she should begin posting on flickr so that I can look at more of them

Here's what I did with the first bit of it's so pink. I should have put cables on the flap, but I didn't think of it because I'm no design genius.

It looks much better like this, with the flap tucked inside.

(aside: I have been sitting in a bent over indian-style position while posting and now both my feet are completely asleep) I know that cell phone cozies have been all the rage for ages, but I never really felt the need for one until I got my new phone. My new phone is nothing special, just a run-of-the-mill Nokia, but for some reason it begs me to protect it. I used to have sort of a phobia about non-completely rectangular candybar cell phones, but I've gotten over it due to the fact that all of the completely rectangular ones are cost-prohibitive. Anyways, I've warmed up to my tapered candybar and now I've even created a garment for it...

I re-dyed most of the pinkness and made it even pinker. More terrible photos to come. Apparently, daylight doesn't help me. I am just a bad photographer, perhaps due to impatience. Ironically, I got the Best Photographer award in my senior year of high school. HA! What a joke! There must've been no other senior year photographers.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger jorth said...

Yay! Pink rocks! And I'd be most flattered if you linked to me. (I'm actually blushing!)

At 1:19 PM, Blogger e said...

I'm blushing cuz you said that you're blushing, but I should tell you that there's no need to blush because perhaps...no one besides me and Johnke are reading this blog :)


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