05 October 2007

brief brief brief

I've been addicted to knitting blogs lately (again). In the zillion I've been looking at lately, I've learned some things: [1] I am nothing more than a dilettante in the knitting world [2] ravelry has gotten consistently positive reviews in the world of blogs [3] flickr is seriously popular [4] knitters are cool.

picture a thought bubble above my head (nevermind that you may have no idea what I look like) — I see myself sitting in an eclectically decorated, not too cluttered not too organized, cozy nook that includes a work table. I'm drinking milky English breakfast tea, wearing a lovely handknit sweater and posting about all my finished projects with detailed photos, notes on construction and some original patterns.

I might be like 80 years old by then, but hey, it's a goal.


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