09 October 2007


bubbly curtain on asphalt

how it may look post blocking

My new thing is knitting in the park after work. If autumn could last longer, I think I'd be the happiest person ever. It's clear, however, that the evenings are getting shorter—even if the weather isn't getting any crisper.

I've put the curtain aside in order to create my 15"x15" portion of a baby blanket. I'm knitting it in Sprite Green Bamboozle by Crystal Palace Yarn (bamboo, cotton, and nylon). I'm not sure I like the yarn, but I'm not ready to dislike it either. It's soft, but strangely textured due to the looseness of its ply (at least I think that's what creates the texture). The yarn is netting-like and it splits and unravels easily. The yarn has a heaviness that says s-t-r-e-t-c-h to me, but since I'm not knitting a garment from it, that's not what's detracting from my enjoyment of the yarn. I think the problem is that it feels oddly soft, like a synthetic microfiber. I'm not condemning synthetic microfibers. I'm just saying that they have an odd softness about them that freaks me out when I'm the one making the fabric.


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