02 November 2007


I generally like to have only one project going at a time (I know—I'm boring), but I'm thinking about starting one of those snazzy, seductive, striped, Noro silk garden scarves before the bubbly curtain is finished. Ai yi yi, I'm going to have to stop looking at brooklyntweed soon.

The good news (for me) is that I think November is going to see three whole finished projects! (1) Hemlock Ring Blanket (2) Bubbly Curtain (3) secret gift (already very close to completion, pictures will be posted as soon as it's been given to its intended recipient). Maybe I'll get really adventurous and find some yarn to make Saartje's baby booties and squeeze those into November too (I know, counting baby booties into a finished objects list is like cheating). By the way, I did NOT get the idea for these booties from brooklyntweed. I got the idea from Knit 'n Lit!


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