29 November 2007

wha the fuh?

This post is completely unrelated to knitting. Furthermore, it's nearly a rant.

I'm slow. Slow like a season behind. That's because I generally watch TV on DVD rather than in real time. So...I just finished watching the third season of Veronica Mars. The last episode prompts me to ask the question that forms the title of this post. The last episode makes me sad and it makes my tummy hurt a little bit too! Wait, I've redecided—I'm not going to rant. I'm going to let this article say it all for me.

I DO want to know if Keith is elected as Sherrif, or not! I DO want to see Logan and Veronica get back together again, or not (but PLEASE, Piz is so not a subsitute)! I DO want to see what happens with the Castle case! Seriously, it's not bad enough that Veronica Mars is over, but to have it just END? I HATE CW! They suck. Even Arrested Development got the chance to wrap some stuff up. What gives? The most shocking part of me and my Veronica Mars love? I miss Dick!


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