20 December 2007

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I did knit We Call Them Pirates. It was fun. I made the skulls and crossbones HOT pink! I made the rest of the hat a grassy green! Oh jeez, I'll have to give yarn details out after the new year because I don't remember what wooly yarn I made it from.

I didn't modify the pattern at all. I knit this months ago for my secret gift exchange pal!

gift in hand

woa now! hey, it's art, and it's hanging in a restaurant...it's not my fault!

knitting pals enjoying some delicious, quasi-local chocolates

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I threw in a pair of thrummed mittens for my exchange pal too. I knit them from the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern in Knitting Without Tears, adding thrums wherever it seemed reasonable. The main yarn was Rowan Kid Classic and the thrums were random woolly bits.

Happy Holidays!


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