01 October 2008

at long last

I have knitted something! It's Blu and here it is, front and back:

I followed the pattern, except where it said to sew the live stitches down with the blue sewing thread. I used the main color yarn to sew the stiches. This gave the waistband more sproinginess. I tried the sewing thread first, and there wasn't enough give. I also decided to gather the waistband a bit when I measured the elastic - my baby is pretty low on the weight portion of the growth chart.

To mimic the stitching, I used the embroidery floss. If I knit this again, I will definitely use orange yarn! The embroidery floss had a habit of disappearing into the knitting. To compensate, I used double thicknesses to embroider and I didn't pull the stitches any tighter than necessary. This was a fiddley thing to finish, but well worth it!


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