20 September 2006

My first lost post

I’ve never had a problem with Blogger before, but now I’m having a hard time getting pictures uploaded and I lost my lunchtime post. Boo.

I am pledging to knit myself the beautiful cover sweater of Fall Knitty. I’m going to treat myself to the specified yarn and I’m going to try to accomplish this within the mid-Atlantic sweater-wearing season (sometime before next summer begins).

Why can’t I just plunk down my ducats and begin immediately? That is one pretty sweater, after all. BECAUSE! I’m totally a finished-object-motivated knitter and I haven’t finished my Knitting Olympics project. It’s been so long since I’ve worked on it that I can’t even find the panel that I did knit before the end-date of the race. Just thinking about that sweater makes me break out in a cringe. I’m NOT allowed to begin another sweater until that one is all blocked and seamed.

However, socks and scarves and mittens are in another category altogether. Hee-hee. I am making serious progress on my purple sock and I’ve begun my sparkly pink pair of socks (photos of both socks tomorrow).

AND I’ve cast on a new scarf. It’s really cool because I’m using a double-sided technique that yields a two-sided stockinette fabric that’s hollow in the middle and lays flat. In other words, it’s like two panels that are bound at the edges (just imagine knitting two pieces and then seaming them along the outside edges). How is this accomplished?

1. Cast on an even number of sts
2. *k1, bring (working) yarn to front, slip 1 st from left needle to right needle as if to purl, bring (working) yarn to back. Repeat from * across side
3. Then turn and do the same thing across this side (and so on and so on)

With an even number of sts, you should be ending each row with a slipped st and beginning each row with a k st. Try it with just 10 cast-on sts and see how cool it is! I’ll share the source info tomorrow, after I look it up in my notebook.

I've never done this with an odd number of sts, but you'd probably just want to work the alternate sides in an offset manner (e.g. begin and end side "1" with k1; begin and end side "2" with sl 1).


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