03 February 2006

Thar she blows!

Might be a fitting herald for me as I walk down the street in my Lace Leaf Pullover. I took it off the needles today and tried it on so that I could decide its fate. Should I pull it out? Produce no more rotten, chunky yarn? Hm. Nope, I decided that it should live and that I would wear it proudly. Plus, I really want to learn to spin a good chunky singles yarn.

The colors are totally whacked. I've got to solve my impatience problem. Oh, and I should not photograph in a room that's got blue walls—even if there are great amounts of wonderful, natural light there.

I'll try to get a photo that shows true colors later today. Right now I've got to dash off to my friend's ceramic studio to glaze some of my tiles : ) Tickity tonk!


At 5:43 PM, Blogger jorth said...

Thanks for your lovely comment about my bag. I'm impressed that you can spin!

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

I think it looks great!

At 4:00 PM, Blogger candsmom said...

Wow, I think it's so fantastic that you spin and knit! It must really be incredible to engage in the entire process from spinning through wearing the finished knitted product. Your green yarn looks wonderful! And I can't wait to see your Lace Leaf Pullover, too. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get back to you- I've been meaning to thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet and funny comment on my blog, but I've been stuck in Sick-Kid Purgatory for a few days. ;-) I'm so glad I found your blog! I'll be visiting often and hope you will, too. ;-) Take care!! :-)


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