15 February 2006

knitting? huh? wha?

I didn't do any knitting whilst on vacation, but I did have an amazing time. I've re-ordered my priorities too and snorkeling is at the top of the list...Wyatt and Zab took us to Culebra and although you can't see any reef here, you can see the amazing beach. Even though it's wonderful to get back to 'my life,' I think that I could nearly picture spending my life on this island snorkeling & hangiondo-ing

See? Yummy margaritas...

You can get these in Puerto Rico and although we didn't actually get through 1/10th of the small bag, I still appreciate being able to cultivate the taste for them if I felt like it.

We saw great graffiti in Old San Juan.

This is what we came home to...Newark Airport...UGH! I'm not used to winter! I'm practically SOUTHERN (lived in SE USA for eight years). I'm definitely tropical.

So, knitting...I've cast on and begun, but need to put in some serious time. I've been spectating other Olympic Knitters online and am impressed by the speediness happening. I'm off to a slow start, but I think that I can still make it. I'm in serious denial, obviously. Tickity tonk!


At 7:05 PM, Blogger jorth said...

Your holiday sounds great!

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous zab said...

OMG! You had to sweep all that snow off after having been up all night on the aeroplano????!!! You guys must have had a rough day that day...I'm so glad you came, though - it meant the world to me and Wyatt.


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