21 September 2006

O what a sad photo

It was early in the morning when I took this photo and I'm posting from work, so I don't have any way to edit it...

But you can see my two-sided scarf (Rowan Classic Tweed, brown with flecks of gold and blue), my ongoing purple socks and my new pink and grey with sparkly (Fortissima) socks.

My brain is soft today, I'm not sure why. I tried perking it up with lots of candy corn (my favorite are the ones with brown at the bottom—so yummy!), but that didn't work! Huh? I thought that high fructose corn syrup was suffused with magical powers. Hm, apparently not.

It's beginning to smell yummy and comforting here, as it always does in the fall. I love the feeling of chill mornings when the air reminds me of walking to the bus stop in the seventh grade. I feel a pull towards good 'ole home on those days. It's also a good feeling in the evening, when the dusks come earlier. It doesn't matter to me that these days are harbingers of cold weather and dark days. I'll get pissed at the ugly black ice later.

Did I mention that Heather is my muse? Well, she is.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger zebbiepie said...

If I'm your muse, you must be my knitting guru! (For others reading~Erica is the most advanced in our Drunken Knitting Circle, and we all ply her with questions constantly!!) Pun totally intended!
Zebbie (aka heather)


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