22 September 2006


I’m very excited and would like to announce: I will begin shaping the toe of the purple sock the next time I pick it up! I like to finish toes in one sitting, which means that I’ll be finishing my sock the next time I work on it (barring the cropping up of unforeseen events during the toe-knitting session, that is). So, when I finish that toe, I'll be finished with the pair! Now that’s excitement. It’s just as exciting as when I spread my computer desktop across two screens.

Yes, now you know—it takes very little to make me happy. This is a particularly happy time in my life because I’m experiencing all sorts of firsts. I’m trying to list them before I forget, but I’ve already forgotten to list many of them (you know how that whole memory thing is circular?).


At 8:16 AM, Blogger zebbiepie said...

Go E Go! Finish that toe!

Go E Go! Finish that toe!

(from your friend the cheerleader!)


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