29 October 2008

oops! ugh!

I just entered my very first blog contest, at The Pen Addict, and I messed it up! It's a random drawing from comments left on the entry. Contestants are limited to one comment and I left two due to a weird hitch in the authentication process -- that part where you type in the same (distorted) letters & numbers you see on the screen. Oh well.

17 October 2008

? hm.

Does anyone besides me find it so poignant that people bring their knitting to the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) for her to see, and maybe bless? I find it touching that they love her so much, and that she loves knitting so much, and that she may even love people so much.

01 October 2008

at long last

I have knitted something! It's Blu and here it is, front and back:

I followed the pattern, except where it said to sew the live stitches down with the blue sewing thread. I used the main color yarn to sew the stiches. This gave the waistband more sproinginess. I tried the sewing thread first, and there wasn't enough give. I also decided to gather the waistband a bit when I measured the elastic - my baby is pretty low on the weight portion of the growth chart.

To mimic the stitching, I used the embroidery floss. If I knit this again, I will definitely use orange yarn! The embroidery floss had a habit of disappearing into the knitting. To compensate, I used double thicknesses to embroider and I didn't pull the stitches any tighter than necessary. This was a fiddley thing to finish, but well worth it!