01 March 2006

Sometimes shame comes publically

I've learned that I can't blog/knit while I'm contemplating massive, brain chemistry revising, potentially schism-inducing changes to my life. Phew! However, I'm calming down and am celebrating by posting from work and joining candyswappers.

So...Olympic Knitting never really happened for me. Well, it did a little bit, but it never really took off. I did make progress, however, and I will have pics posted soon. My life is generally calm, staid, perhaps even boring. During the Olympics, however, it was fraught with vacation, sinus pain, and brain-wracking life inventory-ing! All these events took me away from knitting and while I managed to show up for the Olympics, I pretty much had to pull a Michelle Kwan. Perhaps a bit of public humiliation is good for the psyche every once in a while. Hey, in any event, it's better than pubic humiliation. Ok, I thought it, I thought about not writing it, and then I wrote it anyway. It's true! and it's kinda me-ish (if you happen to be interested in getting to know me).

Because I hate posting without pictures, I present to you: