15 February 2006

knitting? huh? wha?

I didn't do any knitting whilst on vacation, but I did have an amazing time. I've re-ordered my priorities too and snorkeling is at the top of the list...Wyatt and Zab took us to Culebra and although you can't see any reef here, you can see the amazing beach. Even though it's wonderful to get back to 'my life,' I think that I could nearly picture spending my life on this island snorkeling & hangiondo-ing

See? Yummy margaritas...

You can get these in Puerto Rico and although we didn't actually get through 1/10th of the small bag, I still appreciate being able to cultivate the taste for them if I felt like it.

We saw great graffiti in Old San Juan.

This is what we came home to...Newark Airport...UGH! I'm not used to winter! I'm practically SOUTHERN (lived in SE USA for eight years). I'm definitely tropical.

So, knitting...I've cast on and begun, but need to put in some serious time. I've been spectating other Olympic Knitters online and am impressed by the speediness happening. I'm off to a slow start, but I think that I can still make it. I'm in serious denial, obviously. Tickity tonk!

08 February 2006

We're going on vacation!

This is where we're going (Puerto Rico)! I'm so excited because Johnke and I have never really gone on vacation before.

We're staying with our friends, Zab and Wyatt. Tamara will be there too! Our dogs, Gummi and Gary, are staying here. We wanted to bring Gummi because his best friend is Lenny, who is currently in PR.

The next photograph is of me in sunglasses...self-portrait...I think that our choice of sunglasses shows off our true idea of ourselves. For example, I am pretty undramatic and even-keeled, also humble and very modest in real life. BUT, I kinda think that I'd like to be a diva and the way that I express it is in my choice of sunglasses. Someday, I'll come into my own and I'll live up to my full dramatic potential. SO, if you read this, you should post a picture of yourself in your sunglasses! This is pretty much what I look like outside these days. The scarf is a 2x2 rib in handspun merino/silk from I See Spots farm. It was already dyed (hence the beautiful colors). Oh, nevermind, you can't see the scarf! Oops.

Um, yeah, I'll be in PR when the Olympics begin. I may or may not cast-on...I've brought yarn and directions and and needles, though. I have confidence that I'll be able to catch up on the flight back. It's ok, though, it'll be worth it. Estamos hangiando!

03 February 2006

Please let me into the club, please?

I want to join the the PhillyKnitters webring, but I altered the way the ring navigation area looks. I hope that it doesn't offend the webring Official/s. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't be offended!

Thar she blows!

Might be a fitting herald for me as I walk down the street in my Lace Leaf Pullover. I took it off the needles today and tried it on so that I could decide its fate. Should I pull it out? Produce no more rotten, chunky yarn? Hm. Nope, I decided that it should live and that I would wear it proudly. Plus, I really want to learn to spin a good chunky singles yarn.

The colors are totally whacked. I've got to solve my impatience problem. Oh, and I should not photograph in a room that's got blue walls—even if there are great amounts of wonderful, natural light there.

I'll try to get a photo that shows true colors later today. Right now I've got to dash off to my friend's ceramic studio to glaze some of my tiles : ) Tickity tonk!

01 February 2006

The Nones of March

I know my readership is very small (thank you who come and visit with me), but I've decided to post a plug for my other online project, Stuffedster, anyways. Stuffedster was created with the goal of learning more about the quiet lives being led by the myriad "stuffed" citizens of the world. Stuffedster is also intended to be a place for stuffed animals to cavort and meet. A sampling of Stuffedster posts follows this explanation.

Right now, Stuffedster is confined to a blogger space, but it is my goal to have its very own personal domain finished by the nones of March, 2006 (that's March 7). The new Stuffedster.com site will be set up so everyone can create and maintain their very own accounts and upload their own bios, pics, and links. To celebrate the opening of Stuffedster's own site, there will be a big contest and giveaway event!!!! Information will soon be posted at both Stuffedster locations (like, by this Friday).

BUT, since you are kind enough to come and read my knitting blog, I'll give you the sneak, inside scoop. I'm going to contact some crafters & purchase some items as giveaways to people who create accounts to post their beloved animals. Everyone who posts to Stuffedster before the new site opens will also get a special gift. The winner of the contest will be the most lauded entry (as voted) and it will end on Tax Day, April 15. The winner of the contest will get something super-duper : )


Name: Socky
Age: 6
Kind: wombat
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: playing
Obesessions: stripes; synthetic fibers; playing
Dislikes: not being included
Most proud of: his posse
Dreams of: going on a trip
Family: The (archives: Nov.30.2005); Fred (archives: Dec.03.2005); Manbay (Dec.07.2005)

Bio: Socky is a happy-go-lucky American wombat who just wants to have fun all day long. Born to a large litter in Las Vegas, NV, he grew up thinking that everyone likes to play. Socky was adopted into his current family just after he turned two. Socky's not sure why, but The doesn't like him. Like Fred, Socky was banished from the bed. His favorite memory is of visiting the pizza buffet with his parents and The.

Name: Tofu-san
Age: unknown
Kind: Japanese tofu
Home: Japan
Occupation: being nutritious
Obsessions: miso; soy sauce; bonito; sesame oil; seaweed
Dislikes: deep frying; hot-pots; good appetites
Most proud of: tattoos (they're on either side of his head)
Dreams of: getting back to homeland without being eaten

Bio: Tofu-san is hard to catch in one place. He darts about often because he is afraid of being eaten. He's pictured here, trying to squeeze some empathy out of a Hostess Cupcake. Tofu-san is currently hiding out in the United States. He was able to escape from Taiwan and what would have been his last moments in a night market hot-pot. Tofu-san recently sent an emissary overseas in the hopes that this will help him get back to his own nation, Japan. Little does he know; this agent ended up in Puerto Rico.

Name: Shmoosh, Pathetic, and No Name
Age: unknown, estimated 4 years
Kind: can't really tell (dangling)
Home: feels pretty much OK everywhere
Occupation: none
Obsessions: hot dogs, car tires, black top, kitchen window sills, melancholy
Dislikes: marshmallows, cat tails (the kind that grow in marshes), pumpkin-shaped containers
Most proud of: being a survivor
Dreams of: being flattened on the road

Bio: His strong will and pleading demeanor saved him from the elements of a southern, college town. Found face down in a busy crosswalk, his Benfactor couldn't pass by without picking him up. The Benefactor's companions responded to this action with a unanimous and resounding, "Eww, what are you doing? You're keeping it? That's gross, oh, and pathetic." His contemplative manner earned him a spot over the sink in the Benefactor's kitchen. When there's a lot of washing up to be done, they take the time to gaze at each other every so often. Sometimes he looks like he's crying, but he's not.