25 September 2006

Look at the doggies!

I don’t have a current picture, so I’m posting this one. Those are my dogs. Gummi (pronounced: Goo – mee) is on the left and Gary is on the right. They’re the best!

You know who else has a freaking cute dog, a great shop (go see good handspun yarn and spinning supplies), a cool blog and some great (free!) mitten patterns (there are other patterns too)? Hello Yarn. I think that I’m extra partial to it because once upon a time, my pal, Zab, and I wanted to begin a lunch business called, Hello Lunch!

Anyways, I don’t have pictures of my recent knitting progress yet, but I do have an update. Purple socks – finished! Scarf – coming along! Pink & grey sparkly sock – turning the first heel! Whoo hoo! The knitting is flying along.

The crochet is another matter altogether. I’m not so good at crochet. Hm. More on this subject later. Lates!


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