29 September 2006


I've been meaning to do a photoshoot forever, so today I brought my camera to work to take a picture of pink sparkly socks outside (during my lunch break, of course). But, I forgot to bring the memory card...duh. So, here's another photo I've skived off the 'net (is skived a word? if it is, have I applied it properly?).

You may wonder, how is this picture even related to this post? It's not, but it is the purple yarn from which I knit the purple socks. Did I mention that it was not the most enjoyable yarn with which to knit? It was very unbalanced and twisted up all the time. Blargh.

I am finished my first pink sock and have knitted about two inches of cuff #2. I am calling them the fat ankle socks and am planning a slight modification for the second ankle area. I'm pretty sure there will still be a good bit of yarn left even after I'm finished with sock number two, so I'm planning to knit a pair of ankle-length socks from the ball too. Pair number two=gift. Cool and thrifty, huh?


At 10:54 AM, Blogger zebbiepie said...

Yea, I think skivved is a great word and is reminiscent of pirates!


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