06 October 2006

Butter Krak!

I'm not even going to make an excuse regarding the fact that there's no photograph of knitted objects here. I'm just going to say, butter krak.

I've finished the pink socks! They're too big for me, but that means that they'll be a good gift! Hello, gift-giving season, I'm one up already! Also, there is enough yarn left for me to make myself a pair too. This time, I'm actually going to have to knit for gauge. Oh well. Hey, if you are using Fortissima, I recommend knitting with US size 2 needles, rather than with size 3s. Why? Because the 3 needles make a fabric that is slightly too "holey" for my tastes. Not that they're not great! I swear I'm not distributing sub-standard gifts!

I've cast on my Trekking socks. I love them. Pink and orange together make me happy. They've thrown browns in there too. I love this yarn. It is the best. Absolutely the best. I'm knitting them on size 1 dpns.

Do you ever think, "Who have I turned into?"

By the way, I'm having a great Friday.

Oh! And the photo above shows the package I mailed to my candyswap pal (yes, back around St. Patrick's day/Easter). Do you want to candyswap? Halloween is coming up and Mariko organizes great candyswaps.


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