06 October 2006

I'm a hungry theif

I want some onigiri so badly. My tummy and mouth are protesting the fact that I haven't appeased their love of sugared, vinegared, shaped rice in way too long.

I had to steal this beautiful picture! Here's the website—I'd like to thank them for their contribution to my Friday post.

I'm planning to bring a bento to work for lunch on Monday. I'm also planning to bring an extra for after tennis on Monday. I am new to tennis and have to say: tennis is great! Oh, you know what else is great? Yaki onigiri! That's where you take your rice ball (and obviously whatever it contains) and coat it lightly in oil and either teriyaki sauce, or soy sauce and grill it. My mouth is now watering and I am diligently refraining from making Homer Simpson type sounds because I'm in a public setting.


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